Ideating, designing, developing, and distributing any new product in the market is a challenging task at the responsibility of a Product Manager. Stats reveal that a fully optimized product manager could increase company profits by 34.2%. It signifies a capable product manager’s role in increasing an organization’s profit.

In all these phases of product development, you, as a product manager, have to make crucial decisions. Also, it involves working quickly on different domains, which can take time and effort.

But, the emerging technology of AI has brought a viable option for product managers. So, if you want to improve and enhance work efficiency, you are at the right place.

Several AI-driven Tools provide data-driven insights, perform respective tasks with automation, and help in decision-making.

Further, the tools can perform market research, trend analysis, and customer sentiment analysis. All of these help a product team to develop the right products.

Best AI Tools for Product Managers in 2023

If you are looking forward to taking assistance from AI and increasing your output, we have listed the top 10 AI Tools for Product Managers.

1. ClickUp AI for Product Management

Developing a product is teamwork that requires the contribution of different professionals like designers, marketers, engineers, or product developers. A product manager leads them.

Thus, ensuring the collaboration of these diverse professionals at every level is complex, and the Clickup tool can help you with it.

It is a one-stop product management tool to help your team of professionals and sizes coordinate at every level. This lets you manage tasks and workflow to complete your product development project time.

Furthermore, you can integrate with tools like Docs and Whiteboards, creating a seamless product development process.

ClickUp AI Tool for Product Manager

Click Up is an easy-to-use app that will save time and help you channel your energy on other tasks. You don’t need to understand coding to automate the task. It forms the ideal platform to plan, track and manage any work related to product evolution.

As a product manager, you would work on different tools. So, Clickup lets you seamlessly import data from various tools like Excel, Trello, Basecamp, Airtable, Todoist, and more.

ClickUp is suitable for team sizes of upto 1000+, making it ideal for big and small development product teams. Moreover, you can work in real-time with their teams by chatting with them and assigning different comments.

2. ChatGPT For AI Generated Content

A product manager has to answer different queries and questions of the team members to keep everyone on the same page. Alongside, there is a need for research on every minute aspect of a product.

For this purpose, ChatGPT is an ideal tool that’s helpful for research and prepares content for different purposes.

It directly answers your questions and will help you save time using other search engines. Further, its natural language processing models will help you quickly generate answers to different questions.

Regarding product progress, it answers the target audience’s pain points, details about raw materials, product growth, customer service, and more. However, the quality and relevance of answers depend on the quality of the prompts.

ChatGPT for Product Management

At the same time, it can get essential insights into customer data, problems, and feedback to shape future modifications to the product.

Also, it is a one-stop tool that handles many time-consuming tasks, improving your product development phase speed.

Apart from analyzing data and research work, the tool can be used to get new ideas or suggestions for products. You can have conversations on any basic to advanced topics using it.

ChatGPT has two options of GPT 3.5 available for free that performs all kinds of essential tasks. It also offers a paid version of GPT 4 for more creative and advanced ai reasoning.

3. Canva For AI-Generated Graphics

Canva is a leading AI graphic designing tool that can help you create different types of visuals. These can be for presentations, data charts, meeting decks, product launches, etc.

It is a convenient AI tool for creating professional-looking posters, slideshows, images, infographics, videos, and other media.

The tool has been recently revamped with AI that features an AI editor, AI content generator, and AI image generator.

You can stumble upon a situation where you have ideas and details in mind and want to give it a visual form. It is where Canva comes into the scene.

The tool helps you generate images with text, remove distractions with an AI magic eraser, and import images to a content calendar.

Canva AI Tool for Product Designing

Canva teams allow collaboration with other team members like product managers, designers, engineers, marketers, quality assurance testers, and sometimes legal and regulatory experts.

Both free and customizable project templates in Canva can be shared easily. It connects with other apps to create a better workflow for product managers and teams. It lets you make connections, review designs, and add comments for better communication.

Alongside this, it integrates other tools for smooth work.

4. Notion AI for Collaborating with Teams and Manage Documents

You must create several documents like product briefs, research on market needs, product details, legal approval, and more. Notion AI is an all-in-one tool for product managers.

It is an ideal platform where teams can collaborate, manage tasks, and organize documents. Notion AI is suitable for tracking project development with teams.

Similar to Canva, it recently got an update with AI where project managers improve communication and reduce time-consuming tasks.

Notion lets you send meeting notes directly to chosen members to keep everyone stated. Further, AI helps to automate different tasks in every project management phase.

Several features of the projects are free, and others require a subscription. There are collaborative documents called Wikis in Notion AI, where product managers and the team work on creating documents together.

Notion.Ai for Collaborating

It is suitable for use in product-related projects of all sizes and types. In addition, Notion has a building block architecture that can be personalized to adapt to different kinds of projects and team needs.

Notion AI has brought a new product feature that extracts insights from data and improves the accuracy of search results.


Every good product is based on the right ideas. It is essential to understand customers for better product management. is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that helps product managers to find ideas for their following products.

It gives AI-based insights and plans to create new product strategies. The tool provides AI-generated insights to understand the needs of customers. performs a feedback trend analysis that can track and connect feedback to know where customers need changes.

At the same time, it gives AI-based insights into different phases of product development for content development, idea generation, design, prototyping, etc. It is a customizable tool for product managers that suits different sizes and kinds of companies. Further, it helps you reduce the operation work with valuable suggestions. AI Tools for Product Managers enables companies to build new products faster and work with team members. Besides customers, recognizes competitors and the research strategies that help to gain an edge over them.

More teams worldwide have used and trusted the tool, including Adyogi, Recruit CRM, Dukaan, Tenders, and more. Once you are done with taking insights and product ideas, becomes an ideal product analysis tools for managers. Thus, you can align teams and visualize the progress in one centralized view.

In addition, you can measure and get results by connecting OKRs with product initiatives. uses a proprietary scoring system (ZCN) that works in real-time to estimate the delivery.

6. ManageBetter for AI-generated Analytics

In the modern world, every product is based on deep research and data analytics. So, modern product developers always trust data more than options. ManageBetter is an AI tool for product management that enables you to improve your team performance with AI analytics.

It ensures that you build a high-performance team using AI powered insights that elevate the quality and feasibility of your product. More than 800 successful managers from Uber, Microsoft, Univision, and Sanofi trust ManageBetter.

The developers of this tool have done extensive research to offer practical solutions to Product managers, helping you save time. Consequently, you can focus more on other tasks.

ManageBetter for Market Analytics

Artificial intelligence is a trusted, renowned, and valuable technology. ManagerBetter uses it to offer multiple kinds of support to product managers. You can streamline phases of product development, track achievements, and analyze productivity using it.

Its services, like an intelligent performance review generator and comprehensive feedback library, are far from a single button. Overall, you can gain a competitive edge in making a high-performing team. Consequently, it creates a positive working environment that will impact your product development process.

Further, ManageBetter’s innovative insights are based on accurate data that helps to handle difficult performance discussions. Additionally, it motivates your team members to continue learning.

It brings 21% higher productivity in engaged employees. Also, it can be a suitable tool for learning and dealing with employee performance issues. Subsequently, your product can achieve growth and success with data-backed insights.

7. Otter.AI For Assistance in Meetings

Every meeting in the product discovery and strategy procedure is vital for accuracy. As you know, it requires a team of different experts, stakeholders of the product, and possible collaborators. is the best AI for product managers to increase the productivity of their meetings. It gives a live chat option where your teammates can ask questions and get answers instantly.

Otter.Ai writes notes and summarizes Meetings 30 times faster, which can be shared with other team members easily. Further, if any of your teammates cannot catch up with the whole meeting, they can get a Live Transcript of the session.

You can also add comments and highlight important points to ensure no miscommunication. Thus, it doesn’t hamper work and provides the maximum benefits of a meeting. Moreover, it also gives the option to assign tasks to team members. The automatically generated meeting notes with saves both time and effort. for Assistance - AI Tools for Product Managers

It is flexible with apps like Google, Microsoft that remind and automatically join meetings on time. You can even add everyone’s email to send them this transcript automatically. helps to record meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. The app is compatible with the web or in the iOS or Android app.

If slides are shared during meetings, the tool helps product managers and team members to note key details with Automated Slide Capture. Otter.AI automatically captures those details and puts them in the meeting notes for others to see.

8. Tome to Shape Ideas Using AI

Product Managers often have ideas about new products, product modifications, development, etc. However, they cannot shape or share everything due to one reason or another.

To solve that issue, Tome is a one-stop app that serves as a medium to shape and share those ideas. They can speak their little ideas; Tome helps to understand how they can be communicated effectively. So, product managers can save time and effort in designing and formatting that idea.

Tome is not like a deck or a document; instead, it is a new way to revamp the communication world. It has a multimedia canvas on the web that shapes rough ideas. Tome enables product managers to use AI technology to express themselves and explore new approaches. It instantly generates new ideas that can help you to keep your point across in a straightforward manner.

With your basic prompt, Tome can generate one-pager content, a presentation, a mood board, or anything else. It outlines the content, and the user can choose how they want an idea to proceed. A small idea of one of two lines can be put forward in the right tone and words, shown using a perfect image.

Tome for Shape Ideas Using Artifical Intelligence

Further, the tool quickly transforms ideas into a structured and polished manner for some depth. It can also add more text and relevant images for more comprehensive communication.

Tome lets you use different formats and actions based on a single command.

It turns Static pages into an interactive customer experience. Tome gives a medium to Product Managers to narrate their stories and give context to them using AI.

Alongside this, you can add innovative themes and responsive layouts to it. These include multiple interactive elements to interactive embeds, like product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, web pages, and more.

You can easily share the output with your team using a single link via email, text messages, and even on social media.

9. Collato

Accessing documents quickly at the right time is a big challenge for product managers, primarily if you work with a pile of papers, including research reports, product plans, design documents, prototypes, and mockup documents.

The incredible part involves crucial release reports, manufacturing, and legal documents.

But, just like AI solutions for other tasks, there is Collato that will instantly find the correct information from a stack of paperwork. It is like an assistant that makes particular information readily available with a single click.

Collato reduces efforts and time spent syncing and integrating multiple tools by providing a single visual map. Further, there is no need to review various documents to find where particular information may be available.

Collato AI Tools for Product Managers

Instead, it scans documents to give the required information no matter where it lives. Collato helps reduce the number of tabs opened for different apps as an all-in-one tool.

To remove discrepancies, you can sync platforms like Confluence, Jira, Figma, or Google Docs into a single visual map. It saves project managers from a clutter of tools serving as a single destination for all tasks.

In addition, it saves time by giving instant and bite-sized answers with auto-generated summaries. Collato instantly goes from a doc to a project wiki to an enterprise-wide search engine.

You can connect a file with other tools by inviting people to join with a single link. The data in different documents is a matter of privacy for an enterprise.

Collato prioritizes the privacy of your essential product documentation by taking all necessary measures to keep your data remains protected and private.

The best is that Collato is a free-to-use tool that does not ask for credit card details or payment options.

10. Leanbe

Data has become the backbone of development in the modern world. Leanbe is a go-to tool for product management teams driven by data. It is a tool powered by data to enhance and execute decision-making processes.

Further, it helps to get valuable insights from team members, customers, and competitors.

Consequently, product managers can make informed decisions based on real-time data. It decreases the scope for risk and errors in developing your product to ensure that decisions are based on adequate evidence.

It also helps to get feedback for preparing further product roadmaps for the requests and feedback. These can be for customers, team members, and even competitors.

Leanbe for Product Development

Leanbe tracks product processes based on analytics like customer satisfaction index and time-to-market plans.

It helps to save time and improve team ideation, testing, and validation, reducing lengthy delivery times.

Moreover, you can integrate tools like Slack, Intercom, Chrome, JIRA, and Trello with it. Leanbe enables project teams to stay ahead of the competition by monitoring competitors.

Those insights can help to further position products in the proper manner to win the competition.

It is an ideal place where every team member can share their opinions, and Project Managers can get direct insights from the team.

Visualize these Best AI tools for Product Managers in a Better Categorization

Best AI tool for Data Analytics

Data and opinions form the basis for informed decision-making in the development phase. Further, data is used at every step, like market research, prototyping, testing and validation, refinement, launch, etc.

Data extraction used to be a complex process. But, AI tools like Leanbe have made extracting and analyzing the required data easy. This enhances project efficiency and product vision for better success.

It is a valuable tool for product managers and teams driven by data. Lenbe gives insights from customers, competitors, and team members.

So, product managers don’t have to depend on their guessing game. Instead, they can use logical data to address problems, make decisions, and ensure growth.

Best AI Tool to Shape Ideas

Ideas are vital in product evolution, which is essential to its success. It takes work to shape basic concepts into a polished product.

Tome is an AI tool where product managers can speak about the ideas in their minds to shape them. The tool saves much time expressing, designing, and formatting the concept.

It is a single tool that can instantly create docs, images, or presentations of that idea and add more interactive elements.

Product managers do not need unique designing or coding skills to use this tool, making their work more seamless than ever.

Best AI tool to Record and Summarize Meetings

Every meeting has specific purposes, agenda, and points to discuss in product development. But, due to one reason or the other, team members may miss out on essential details or need to remember to take notes.

To solve this problem, Otter.AI is a one-stop tool. It records meetings and gives live transcription to members to stay aligned with others.

Likewise, it takes down notes and provides a separate chat section to discuss the contents of meetings side-by-side. You can easily integrate it into Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, and it does work with them.

Best AI Tool to Create Stunning Visuals

Visuals are required at different stages of development. However, creating the right visuals with high-quality resolution requires expertise and time.

The popular online design tool Canva has a recent AI update and has helped product managers quickly create images. It lets you generate text or edit visuals simultaneously. Also, it helps to make various designs, from social media posts to product designs saving time.

Further, it has a long list of features with an option to collaborate with teams that serve as a go-to visuals-creating tool for Product Managers.

Wrapping it Up!

Product Managers possess a mix of skills and knowledge. However, they need proper assistance to meet the needs of the fast-paced product development industry, where AI comes in to help. From ideation to prototyping and Testing to launch, AI tools assist you in every state.

Stats reveal that 70% of projects fail in the product development stage. It emphasizes how each phase and task in the product evolution process is vital.

Throughout this cycle, product management plays a significant role, and research says that 43.3% of respondents consider product managers to be seen as leaders and critical differentiators inside their organization.

Consequently, AI has become the ideal assistant for product managers that prevents wasting resources with its potential.

Fortunately, several AI Tools can assist in Product development to get the best ideas, create plans, coordinate, prepare docs and visuals, and execute the plans precisely. These include stages from ideation to tracking the results.

Successful products are a boon for the success of any company and a reason for its existence. So, AI has played a crucial role in strengthening product managers where you can revamp your work process in an ideal way.

Artificial Intelligence helps you to save time and enhance efficiency. Subsequently, it will help to reduce errors and increase the chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How can AI help Product Teams?

AI helps product managers in tasks like Market and user research, shaping ideas, deciding Technical specifications, coordinating with the team, collecting feedback, and streamlining the process. Also, it can perform repetitive tasks with automation. Overall, it saves a lot of time for product managers and helps them ensure efficiency at work.

2. Will AI take over product managers?

Al is an ideal support for product managers in various tasks. It can provide data for making decisions but isn’t capable enough to make the final decision. It is essential to have a human mind that understands the complete context of the situation. So, AI cannot take over Product Managers.

3. What is the future of AI in product management?

AI can help product managers transform customer research, decision-making, and many other aspects of product management. It offers data-driven insights that help to optimize every phase of product development and increase the chances for the product’s success.

4. How will AI change product management?

AI assists product managers by helping them in research, coordination, and decision-making. Using AI Tools, product managers can gain data-driven insights, making better plans and decisions.

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