How about hiring a writer for your academic project or blog and failing your task because the writer used an AI content creation tool? Amid the rise of tools like ChatGPT and Bard, Content writers and marketers are increasingly leveraging them for content creation!

Did you know that from February 2022, web searches related to AI content increased by 900%? It is just a tiny glimpse of how the AI revolution has already taken over the world with countless tools available in our hands. From content, videos, and photos to presentations, it prepares everything with AI in a few minutes. In contrast, a content writer you hire would take a day to write approximately two blogs. But, every quick thing has its specific drawback.

Universities reject AI assignments since students have yet to prepare for them, while you are likely to rank lower than the potential of human content with AI. Though Google approves the use of AI, the rankings do differ significantly.

Alongside SEO blogs, Statements of Purpose need a human-centric approach aligning with Search and Topic Intent. It can contain plagiarism as well as lacks creativity.

AI content detection tools are a savior in such a scenario. But amid many such tools launched amidst the increasing impact of AI, finding a reliable one that legitimately does the task is complex. Hence, I have covered you from tip-to-toe about the best options under the category.

Stay Away From AI-Generated Content: 10 AI Content Detection Tools

1] Copyleaks

Whether you are a teaching staff at the University, a student, or a firm founder, you won’t expect AI-generated unless it’s a specification. However, having a single-access account in such a professional space is not worthless. Therefore, Copyeaks has the best enterprise plan for prerequisites. It effectively caters to all your small and large-scale needs.

Copy-paste your content inside the text box on their website and wait for results. It provides instant results with efficient accuracy. Leading organizations and institutions rely on it, including Rosemont College, Edgenuity, Oakland University, York University, and Baldwin Wallace University.

Reliability saves you from instances of copyright infringement occurring with AI-generated content. Tests from third-party and research indicate it detects content with 99.1% accuracy.

Copyleaks Best AI Content Detection Tools

Apart from detecting AI content, it recognizes paraphrased or spun AI content and highlights the human-generated parts for your help. Since 2015 it has worked on analyzing Assignments from thousands of institutions and their students.

Likewise, it has analyzed countless marketing content white papers and research papers for over 300 enterprises. To improve its accuracy, its developers regularly test its AI model, upgrading it and retraining it with new data and feedback.

Another striking feature of Copyleaks is its ability to detect content from more than 15 Languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and more.

2] Writer

Writer Ai content detector tool is one of the most widely used tools for AI content detection. It is a free tool and can check 1500 characters in one chance. Further, you don’t need to make an account or give any credit card details.

Writer AI is more suitable for marketers who want to check AI-generated content and fine-tune them before going further. You can use the tool from its website. Hence, you don’t have to install any software for it.

It does a decent job, and we have tested it thus, providing a good level of accuracy suitable for regular use. However, it has voids, and results sometimes have a significant inaccuracy. You can trick its algorithm by rephrasing the AI-generated content with any other tool.

Writer AI is beginner friendly who are not good at understanding or using any specific tools.

Writer.Ai Best AI Content Detector


Content writers often use different AI tools like Chat GPT or Bard with various prompts to generate content. So, many AI content detector tools are unable to detect their use. So, Originality.Ai is a tool, particularly for Content Marketers who prefer human-written content.

The tool is an AI text detector for serious web publishers. Also, the tool is built by a team of Content Marketing and AI experts. Originality.Ai is the perfect tool to help you keep your site safe from any penalties that Google may apply for publishing AI content.

At the same time, you don’t have to depend on the claims of content writers. Additionally, you can save time by scanning the content manually.

Originality.Ai is suitable for bulk site scans where you can scan your whole website in one go. Thus, you don’t have to scan content from every section separately. It can help you rank higher on Google or any other search engine. Content Detection

There is no need to install any new app or software to use it. The tool is readily available as a Chrome extension without hassle. Moreover, you can easily share the results with your team using a link.

It is the only AI Content detection tool that simultaneously checks Plagiarism making your text easy. Furthermore, it helps you check your content’s Readability Score to improve its quality. A separate feature allows you to add or remove unlimited team members for better team Management.

4] Sapling AI Content Detector

Sapling Ai generators will help you understand whether your text is written by AI. It lets you recognize the AI content based on the GPT-3.5 or ChatGPT model.

The tool is trained on more ChatGPT-like data. So, its accuracy recognizes it and highlights the results in red. However, there is no clear understanding of interpreting the highlighted part.

The makers are working on improving it for the new GPT-4 support soon. It does not require any setup to use it. Signing up to use the Sapling AI content detector is unnecessary, which makes it quick and easy to use.

You must copy and paste the text into the site extension to check the results. Sapling AI content detector gives you a percentage of the extent of human-generated text.

Sapling is very quick and straightforward to use. There’s no sign-up required; you paste in the text you want to check and get an instant result.

Sapling.Ai Tools for AI Detection

The tool can identify the GPT-3 or ChatGPT wrote a piece of content by checking only 50 words. Consequently, it is a smaller word count than other tools on this list.

Sapling AI Content Detector has been developed by former researchers from Google, Berkeley, and Stanford. They are working on new updates to make it the best tool in their league.

5] Winston AI

Winston Ai is a trusted AI content Detection tool. It enables you to identify content generated with ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, Bing Chat, Claude, and many more AI content generator tools.

It is one of the most accurate AI detector tools. Also, it detects edited AI Texts with the highest accuracy. Winston AI gives you a percentage of AI-generated Content and highlights that text to help you make quick changes. It costs around $18 a month after a weekly free trial.

It is a preferable tool to detect the content generated by the new GPT-4 model. But, the tool is not accurate in detecting the use of paraphrasing tools. The site has an easy-to-use interface, although you must click past several pages to use it every time.

Winston AI is suitable for use by writers and web publishers. Moreover, it is an ideal tool for content detection for educational purposes.

Winston Ai Content Checker

6] OpenAI Text Classifier

The OpenAI Text Classifier is an AI detector for ChatGPT that marks the AI-written text as distinct from the human-written text. The developers have trialed it for recognized AI-generated content from various providers.

It helps to prevent using automated misinformation campaigns or to execute any academic dishonesty. Although it is not 100% reliable, it provides decent accuracy.

Open AI’s text classifier has been trained on text from 34 sources, including OpenAI. In addition, it’s free of cost because the makers want to ensure that everyone can use their robust tool.

Compared to other Text Classifiers, it is a reliable option for identifying content generated by recent AI systems. Open AI has made this Text Classifier available to the public. Copy-paste your text into the tool as in other AI content detection tools.

OpenAI Text Classifier - AI Content Detection Tool

OpenAI’s text classifier has an intuitive user interface suitable for beginners and helps in quick AI content detection. Alongside, it is free for unlimited scans that will help you save money. However, its tests claim that it has a mere 26% success rate.

Furthermore, there is no plagiarism feature as of now. Unlike other tools, it is not reliable for non-English texts. The biggest con of Open AI’s text classifier is that it lacks offering any features that don’t make it equally popular as other tools on this list.

7] ZeroGPT Detector

ZeroGPT is an ai content detection tool that helps you separate human-created and AI content. You can enter your text and analyze it with the complex algorithms of ZeroGPT. It uses DeepAnalyseTM technology to know about the origin of the content.

ZeroGPT claims to provide a 98% accuracy in AI content detection, which it has achieved after analyzing ten million+ articles by humans and AI. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface where you can paste your content in the box on the site and click the “Detect Text” button.

The tool displays the results in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way. Along with the outcome, you see a percentage of AI/GPT-generated text in the overall text.

ZeroGPT Detector for AI Writing

It is one of the few tools to detect AI AI-generated text in different languages. This makes it a flexible tool for users worldwide who want to check the origin of a text. Moreover, this makes it useful for companies operating in various countries or with multilingual clients.

However, results by other users claim that it isn’t wholly reliable. So, you must focus on using it as a replacement for proofreading or editing tools. Instead, you need to use it carefully by using other devices.

8] Content At Scale

Content At Scale is a free advanced AI Detector tool for ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard & More. It claims to be one of the first AI checks that analyze more deeply than generic AI content detectors.

The tool has been trained on billions of individual data pages and words across multiple large language models (LLM). This way, it recognizes whether your content is AI-generated or written by a human.

The tool has natural language processing and a trained AI model using AI. It detects AI content by recognizing patterns, probable word choices, or sentence structure. You get the visual representation of whether the content is fake or real. Consequently, it is easier to make changes.

Content At Scale - AI Content Detector

It is a free AI content detection tool where you don’t have to pay a single penny to detect AI content. Moreover, there is no need to register or open an account on the platform.

Content At Scale is a suitable tool for use by beginners. At the same time, it has a fast scanning speed where you will get immediate results. However, it has limited accuracy. Unlike other tools, it does not give the option to scan URLs. So, you have to copy-paste the content to analyze it certainly.

9] Corrector App

The Corrector app content Detector tool is a unique tool that will help you identify AI-generated and copied content. It uses its GPT-3 algorithm for identifying AI-written text. The tool results from simple and effective technology that gives you immediate results.

It highlights the results to ensure that your online content is entirely original. The tool gives you an easy-to-understand score out of 100 on how human the content is! Another unique feature is that corrector ai content detectors will tell you how likely the content will be detected by Google as artificial.

Corrector App for Content AI Detection

Unlike other tools that give you a basic score, it divides the score into categories like predictability, probability, and pattern. So, it seems more of an ‘AI’ content.

Recently, the makers haven’t added a new feature in the tool of a sentence-by-sentence breakdown. It highlights every sentence in a different color with its category to help you quickly fix the sentences generated by Ai.

To begin with, you don’t need to pay anything to use it. But, other companies have to pay a fee to submit your text for checking AI content for free.

10] Crossplag

CrossPlag is a powerful AI content detection tool that uses advanced AI machine-generated learning algorithms to analyze text. It claims to detect content created by ai in more than 100 languages.

Alongside this, it compares your text from over 300 million documents and 70 billion web articles for comparison. So, it’s no surprise that it is ranked among the top ai content detectors for businesses, marketers, and educators to check content.

The tool is ranked among the premier plagiarism checkers in the market, giving transparent pricing, features, and partnership options. You get a percentage rating system to check whether the content source is AI.

Crossplag Best Ai Content Detection Tool

In addition, you can check Plagiarism with generated content. But not simultaneously, which would have saved you time. It does not save the text you copy-paste into it. So you can have it stored in its database for future use.

You can review up to 1,000 words simultaneously, but premium users can review more words at $9.99.There are multiple pricing options based on the different needs of your work or organization. However, the platform is still in its development stage. So, there are many errors that you can encounter during the process.

It has a straightforward scoring system that every user can understand. Further, no options exist for scanning URLs or domains, making it challenging to use for bulk work.

Visualize these Best AI Content Detection Tools in a Better Categorization

Multilingual AI content Detection tools

Several modern AI content generators generate content in different languages. So, it is essential to have multilingual content detection tools that can identify AI-generated content in other languages to keep up with the improving AI tools.

Among many others, CrossPlag is one of the best Multilingual AI Content detection tools that supports more than 100 languages. It aims to help individuals and organizations around the world in different languages.

Get Detailed analysis in AI content Detection

A simple report on whether your Content is AI or not does help you make changes to the content. So, it is essential to get a detailed analysis to understand the content quickly.

Corrector AI Detector gives you that support. Apart from analyzing AI content detectors, it provides what content may seem artificial to Google.

Further, your AI content detection score is offered in categories like predictability, probability, and pattern. It helps you make detailed changes quickly and easily.

Enterprise Level AI Content Detection Tool

Individuals use several AI content detection tools available online. But, it can be difficult for enterprises to manage their bulk-level work using it.

To save your day, you can use Copyleaks, which claims to be the only Enterprise AI Content Detection Tool that can be used for large volume of content by offering a bulk scan option.

Whether it’s a Company, Education, or Marketing organization, this tool can help them detect AI content.

The Final Words

AI Generated Content can make Google penalize your website or make you liable for academic dishonesty. Facts say that websites that used AI-generated content witnessed a 17% drop in traffic. So, you must prevent using AI content by yourself or your writers. However, relying on the promises of your Content Writers won’t help.

Fortunately, several AI content detection tools help you analyze AI content generated using different AI models to prevent legal or regulatory violations. By copy-pasting your content and scanning it, you can save time and effort simultaneously.

Artificial Intelligence has come a full circle from creating content to check for ai-generated content. Subsequently, it will help you stay close to Human-written content.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Which AI Content Detector is Best?

Copyleaks and Originality.AI are one of the best AI content detector tools. They are accurate and offer several other features that make them suitable for meaningful work.

What are the best free AI detection tools?

Some of the best AI detection tools are Winston AI, Originality.AI, and Sapling AI detector, which accurately detects AI Content. In addition, they offer multiple features like detailed reports, instant results, and deep checking where you don’t have to spend a dime.

Can Google detect AI content?

The algorithm of Google is trained on both human writing and AI content. So, Google’s technology can detect AI content and prefers human-developed content over AI-generated content. Many websites have witnessed a drop in their rank on using AI. In addition, when AI-generated content is inaccurate or lacks personalization, it can make Google further reduce the ranking of that website.

Is AI content good for SEO?

Google and many other search engines recognize AI-generated content and can decrease the website’s ranking. Also, when the AI content is not the mark or copied, it can create problems regarding search engine ranking, user experience, and credibility.

Is the Copyleaks AI detector accurate?

Copyleaks AI services have a 99.12% accuracy. So, this is the highest level of accuracy that you can get in any AI content detection tool available online. It quickly detects the AI generator’s words, sentence formation, and content pattern.
How to detect AI-generated content for free?

You can detect AI-generated Content using the Free AI content generator tools. Sign in to the free tool and copy-paste your content into their text box. Next, you can check, select the scan option and get the results. Also, it will give you a score, highlighted content, or a percentage when evaluating whether an AI wrote that text.

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