Performing site audits, scraping off data to plan the next prospect, preparing campaigns, writing ad copies, pitches, and content, researching journalist or preparing reels for traction; marketing involves it all. There are several phases to becoming a successful marketer.

Even after acquiring clients, the struggle doesn’t end! You have to serve them with marketing campaigns that exceed their expectations. When marketers deal with client tantrums, marketing plans, conducting campaigns, and tracking results, AI Tools for Marketers is a rescue. But what do you think about it?

ChatGPT doesn’t serve the purpose, and it is only effective for some use cases. Moreover, it lacks specialized purposes for mapping the customer journey and stands still. Amidst it, you might find AI tools are overrated. But it is not so!

Statista says about 26% of the U.S. B2B marketers use chatbots in their marketing ventures, which increased their lead generation volumes by 10-20%. Yes, you heard that right! It specifies that AI tools are not overrated and legit helpful.

Let’s embark on a journey of the top 10 AI tools for marketers, which will execute your maximum tasks contributing to increased profits.

Future-Proof Your Marketing: 10 AI Tools You Need This Year

1] Semrush

Semrush is an AI tool that will help you from scratch to the end of your content marketing journey. Beginning with you can find keywords including focus, primary, and secondary. With it, you can check which URLs rank for the particular keyword and, along with that, evaluate the metrics.

You can target your clients by finding new keywords and planning your prospects to reach out accordingly. Its AI crawls through the web and performs a site audit; therefore, you can plan your marketing campaigns. Apart from that, it also has an SEO writing assistant to assist in copywriting.

When dealing with foreign SEO or writing in native languages, the writing assistant helps. With it, you can write in more than 25 languages. Alongside has a plagiarism detector integrated which allows for checking content uniqueness.

The position tracker lets you find how your ai content performs and compares it with your competitors. Thus, it gives you detailed insights about analytics and the keywords for which it ranks. It further helps with PPC campaigns and displays insights about the topics which have created a buzz.

Towards the end of campaigns and working for marketing campaigns, you have to track the results, and here too, Semrush AI is quick! It offers a limited set of functionalities in the free version; hence, going for the paid plan is a wise choice.

2] Grammarly

Grammarly AI Marketing Tool

Grammarly is a professional editor and suite for students, content marketers, and writers. It has an AI detector that detects grammatical errors, prompts to change them, and displays the readability score before and after. A Grammarly score of 90+ is considered good!

This ai tool is for students, researchers, academic and content writers, and email copywriters. Hence, it adheres the content creation to the desired prerequisites by tone detection.

It detects the tone of your articles, then sets what you want, including Formal, Neutral, and Informal. Grammarly then suggests the words, synonyms, and errors to change.

It has various languages, including American English, British English, French, etc., and you can choose the language of your content. It then suggests the changes depending upon it.

After generating the content from Semrush, ChatGPT, or any other writing tool, you can craft it perfectly using Grammarly.

Interesting guide to check: Many people use ChatGPT wrappers for their internal teams which enhances their working and save cost on ChatGPT plus. Here we have listed few of the best ChatGPT wrappers which you can use.

Lastly, you can check the AI-generated content using its Plagiarism detector. It’s not entirely free. There are free and paid plans for Students, Individuals, and Teams, so the pricing varies. You cannot check for plagiarism using the free plan.

3] Notion AI

Notion AI Tool for Marketers

Amidst so many clients for Social Media and Content Marketing, their campaigns, execution, and tracking its results, managing them is a hassle. Here’s when you use CRMs to ease your workflow and make management more effortless.

Notion is a comprehensive and all-in-one CRM that has now introduced the Notion AI feature. Within a few prompts, it generates the content, especially when posts about LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Its Natural Language Processing algorithms curate the most unique, informative, and well-researched content. All of it is without plagiarism.

If the results are unsatisfactory, like the content seems shorter, then there’s a rescue too. After it completes content generation, ask Notion AI to continue writing more or make the existing content longer.

It is free to use and is available even on the Notion mobile app, apart from the desktop version. Thus, you can save the content on the platform itself. You can summarize content and find action items depending on the requirements in a few clicks.

Rest assured, it leverages GPT-4 to provide the best results, which helps to boost productivity. It also has helpful automation features which you can use to automate various tasks available.

4] Quillbot

Quillbot AI Writing Tool

This AI marketing tool emphasizes repurposing content for various social media channels. Besides, if you do not have so good writing or reading skills, then research takes longer.

The robust Quillbot tool helps you summarize the content of long-form blogs in a fraction of a second. It even crafts your content to perfection by rephrasing it.

Not only that, it even displays the differences in the existing and paraphrased content and displays the longest unchanged words. These include technical terms and other aspects like brand names.

Quillbot has an inbuilt grammar and plagiarism checker as well. For citing resources, it even has a citation generator and translator.

In repurposing and rephrasing content, there are several modes to choose from! These include Standard, Formal, Fluency, Simple, Creative, Expand, Shorter, and Custom. Amongst them, you can select the one you prefer.

Further, regarding repurposing content, different platforms have varying character limits. If you already have an Instagram post that has to be utilized for Twitter, Summarize or Shorten it using Quillbot.

Crafting cold email pitches helps to redraft them into a Formal, Fluent, or chosen tone. Quillbot has a free and paid version, but the initial one puts several constraints; unleash the full potential with its paid plan.

5] Descript

Descript AI

Editing for both audio and video is a time-consuming task. But, Descript is a website that comes with a lot of audio and video editing tools. Alongside editing, it helps you with transcription, collaboration with other members, and publishing the edited work.

You can automatically get a written transcription when you upload any audio or video file. The transcription can be further used in writing captions, subtitles or editing the content more effectively. In comparison to other AI transcription tools, descript gives more accurate transcripts for your videos.

Descript is an easy-to-use and free AI tool. Under the free plan that offers monthly 1-hour service, you can record and transcribe the content.

In addition, you can edit and mix the audio or video content as per your need. Further, you can upgrade to a paid plan to increase your use.

It is suitable for beginners who can generate transcription outputs with a single click. Further, you can collaborate with your team and work on editing the content as per your choice.

6] Anyword

Anyword AI Tool for Marketers

Anyword is a data-driven copywriting tool that is designed for businesses and marketers. The platform leverage ai machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create engaging content like a copy for ads, email campaigns, social media posts, and much more.

Anyword AI uses advanced algorithms for generating specific content targeting distinct audiences and marketing goals.

Creating adverts for Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads is easy. Of course, for longer-form content, they also make it easy to generate blog posts, product descriptions, YouTube descriptions, and much more.

The tool lets users run A/B tests on various generated copy versions to optimize performance, click-through, and conversion rates. The built-in checks ensure grammatical correctness and compliance with advertising guidelines.

Anyword’s user-friendly interface allows you to input your specific marketing campaign-related details. AI and NLP provide productive metrics and analytics that help visualize which segment the content targets.

You can ensure that the content generated matches your brand message and tone in sync. Consequently, you can create content for your target audience.

Anyword offers a Custom Scoring Al model. You can train it about your brand performance, and it will help you improve that performance across all channels, which will bring good results for your brand on all media.

7] Ad Copy

Adcopy AI Tool

The prime motive of marketers is to gain traction and increase sales. But all of it is only possible with a compelling and persuasive copy. Despite trying to create one, it takes work. You need copywriters, and hiring one for businesses takes a lot of work.

Ad Copy is especially for marketers who wish to boost sales with engaging copy that sells. It curates high-quality content, which helps marketers to elevate their marketing efforts.

By defining requirements, it crafts perfect Ad Copy which resonates with your target audience. Besides, its faster response enables you to save time.

If its results do not impress you, then you can rewrite it. It generates different versions of the same and high-converting copy, which helps to repurpose ad copy for other purposes. With it, you can quickly drive conversions which increase sales.

Afterward, you can use the ad copies for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adsterra ads. You can get the perfect copies with ad creativity, Copy structure, and tone selections.

It streamlines your ad campaigns, costing $29/month, with a free trial and a 30-day guarantee.


The most SEO-optimized content for your blog and other marketing campaigns is what everyone desires. creates it using several clicks, but it is not free. Though paid, it’s worth the penny.

You have to input the keyword; it crawls through the web to fetch results from SERPs and accordingly instructs it to create an outline. Next, you can even summarize the content. It’s one of the most advanced SEO-optimized AI Tools.

It even automates the research process and performs extensive research using forums like Reddit, Quora, People Also Ask section.

Besides, it even displays the URL of those keywords and its monthly search volume. It has an integrated drafting tool along with an outline creator. You can even prepare Content briefs and automate them.

The best part is its Optimize feature which optimizes the existing content. Just upload the document and click for it; Frase generates results from top SERPs and suggests the LSIs you should add for content optimization.

After doing so, it displays your article score compared to your competitors. The chief goal should be to aim for a score higher than a competitor, preferably 60+.

Even if certain words are used repeatedly and don’t adhere to SEO standards, AI displays the results, and you can replace them. There are specific metrics about the article’s word count, links, format, keywords, and other stuff, which further helps with!


After you are ready with extensive research, preparing campaigns, and having relevant case studies, it’s time to pitch high-paying prospects to advance your career. Here’s where the ai marketing tool comes to the rescue.

Marketing is incomplete without cold emailing, and thus helps. It’s a generative Artificial Intelligent model coupled with Machine Learning and helps with email marketing automation.

It has two products, amongst which the initial one helps you draft marketing emails. These will be automated and will even send it after Warm Ups.

The other tool analyzes data and directs it to varied tools available. Thus, it saves time, effort, increases conversion, streamlines workflow, and consequently elevates productivity. also generates automated newsletters and transaction messages when prompted. Mails with no responses are one of the most irritating aspects of email marketing campaigns. It also provides time delays and message insights to ease things up.

Further, offers integration with various platforms, which assist in data analysis, and you can cater to the target audience accordingly.

It even automates workflow using logic and tools available in it. The remarkable aspect is that it’s not only for emails but also messages and push notifications across different platforms.

You can also create conventional SMS with it and thus take complete control and execute your marketing campaigns.

10] is the one-stop form-building tool you need to collect data like email, phone number, or other details from respondents. It automates form creation easily by creating forms, managing responses, and thus streamlining workflow using this single tool.

Furthermore, it’s completely free to use. So, there is no need to spend on subscription plans to use or access its features.

Moreover, you don’t need to learn coding to use it, which makes it ideal for beginners. Apart from forms, the tool can also help you make surveys and quizzes.

For building forms, allows you to customize your form design to match your brand design.

You can change the smallest detail on your forms to make their design more attractive. It lets you share the form and its web link or embed it on a landing page. enables you to modify the privacy settings of the form to ensure that it reaches only your target audience.

Visualize these Best AI Marketing Tools in a Better Categorization

Research Tools

ChatGPT is already on buzz; many marketers know it crafts generic content. I agree, but that’s when it uses the GPT-3.5-powered AI model, which is free.

For greater preciseness, GPT-4 AI-powered tool ChatGPT works wonders which is paid to access yet provides faster response. For better Content ideas and suggestions, you should learn the art of giving smarter prompts that closely adhere to your requirements.

Other tools to generate content ideas include Google Bard and Bing AI. Its NLP algorithms crawl through the web using predictive modeling to provide accurate content and marketing opinions depending upon your inputs.

Marketing Ideas and Optimization Tools

Semrush and help you find keywords, check their search volume, and analyze your competitors. These give detailed insight into what you lack amongst your competitors and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.

With a few clicks, Semrush has an integrated writing assistant for drafting optimized content. In contrast, helps you make the existing articles into SEO-friendly pieces and prepare them for SERPs completion.

Writing and Editing Tools, ChatGPT,, and are some of the common AI writing and editing tools. It assists marketers in curating their content, copies, pitches, blog posts, and ads with their NLP and GPT-4 powered techniques. It provides unique assistance from generating text, suggesting changes, repurposing, and editing. helps to repurpose content with different social media channels. Grammarly and Quillbot enable you to enhance the Fluency of your text and other campaigns and adjust its tone per the target audience.

Notion AI and Anyword are another great addition that will be an asset to your campaigns. ChatPDF serves a distinct purpose by extracting data from PDF files and retrieving information or generating results.

Plagiarism Detector Tools

Prospects reject you upon discovering a paraphrased, spun, or plagiarised pitcher and cover letter. Hence, before proceeding, you must detect these and fix the content. Quetext, Copyscape, Copyleaks, Grammarly, and Quillbot are the most effective plagiarism detectors.

Yet, these aren’t free, and plentiful things come at a price. Some are entirely paid, while others have constraints in paid plans. You can check for intentional and unintentional plagiarism and cite sources with detailed PDF reports and original content sources.

AI Image-Generating Tools

ChatGPT has a lot of advantages but needs to create images. AI assistant eases things like using ChatGPT and Bing to generate logo and image ideas. Further, use tools like Adobe Firefly, Craiyon, Canva, and Bing AI to generate messages from the prompts created via AI writing tools.

All of which will be copyright free and even crafts your imagination. Besides, even Google does permit the use of AI-generated images.

Fun Fact: This blog featured image has been generated by AI using Midjourney.

Ad Copy Writing Tools for Marketers

Creating compelling, persuasive, and high-converting ad copies is no cakewalk. Not everyone does it, and hiring a copywriter doesn’t come in budget. Hence, tools like Anyword and AdCopy help you!

There are different templates; some even let you create prompts for the purpose. These are paid but profitable in the long run as they save time and effort and are thus a wise investment.

Transcription and Media Editing Tools for Marketers

Video and editing require special expertise, and for the best results, they need paid software. Besides, not all tools are features, and media editing is tedious and challenging. Therefore, Descript AI helps to edit your images and video with a few clicks.

It prepares the most accurate transcription for your videos. This makes it ready to post videos on TikTok, reels, or video ads.

Message AI Marketing Tools

Marketers’ most essential and primary task is to reach out to prospects via cold or warm emails, social media, transaction messages, SMS, etc. is an all-in-one tool for automating message creation and sending it to various channels. These even track time delays and whether the person has opened it.

Final Words From a Cool Marketer

Working freaking hard doesn’t always work if you are not smart enough. Some of you might find it offensive, but over 80% of marketing folks like you use AI technology in their marketing campaigns and workflow.

Fortunately, you don’t need special training to get hands-on experience in AI; instead, AI tools for marketers are user-friendly. By giving suitable prompts and automating the process, you can save time and utilize it for acquiring new clients.

From finding ideas to contracting metrics or reaching prospects, Artificial Intelligence has its influence everywhere. Thus, it relaxes your mind making it more productive.

Few resources which I gathered are listed below:

Chatbots helped to increase 15% of U.S. B2B marketers leads by 30%Statista

In 2022, 50% of the IBM surveyed organizations used AI to automate IT, business, and other network processes.IBM

Marketers will use AI for more than 25% of their tasks in the next four years.Drift

Frequently Asked Questions by Marketers?

1] What AI is used in marketing?

Marketers mostly use Chatbots or email automation tools in marketing. The initial help to suggest ideas, execute, and refine them, while the latter helps to reach out to your prospects quickly.

2] Are AI tools suitable for small businesses and startups, or are they more suitable for larger enterprises?

AI tools suit businesses of all sizes, including startups, small businesses, and larger enterprises. Small-sized enterprises have lesser workforce and limited resources yet constantly aim to acquire profitable clients; here’s where AI tools are helpful. Besides, larger ones have larger datasets to leverage, where AI eases the workflow and automates various tasks catering to varied aspects of marketing.

3] How can marketers effectively integrate AI tools into their existing workflows?

For the integration of AI in workflows, marketers should identify customer pain points and how AI automation will help them. Further, look for AI tools that align with your marketing goals and objectives. Next, establish hands-on learning to use it effectively and interpret these AI-generated insights. Afterward, use analysis tools to evaluate performance and refine strategies for improvement.

4] How can AI tools optimize marketing campaigns?

AI tools leverage real-time data analysis models to track the results of marketing campaigns. These even assist with ad placements and come at an affordable budget. Further, it helps to segment your target audience for maximum ROI and results. They perform A/B testing and suggest optimization to campaigns depending upon competitor’s performance, and thus, you can elevate performance.

5] Are there any privacy concerns associated with using AI tools in marketing?

Yes AI Tools have access to significant customer data assets, privacy concerns exist. To ensure the data is safe, you must check if it complies with data protection regulations. Further, as a marketer, you should be transparent to your clients about data collection and provide them with opt-out options to maintain trust and value their privacy.

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